photofloat 2.0

Paolo Benvenuto paolobenve at
Sat Jul 15 23:03:23 CEST 2017

Release 2.2 is out, featuring (among other stuffs)

- many options in order to to customize behaviour and ui according to own
- sorting of albums and media
- fullscreen now working perfectly
- images are scaled so that the smallest image is used whitch don't need
scaling down
- translations are managed via a separate js file, so that any language can
be added (browser language automatically set if options don't specify it)
- metadata may persist on image if options request it

After putting the 2.2 release I added a few commits, please use master

Now development will continue in a separate branch so that testing may be

The remaining feature I want to add are the share buttons, there's an issue
for it

don Paolo Benvenuto

2017-07-09 15:36 GMT+02:00 Paolo Benvenuto <paolobenve at>:

> The translation file has been implemented, check it at
> paolobenve/photofloat
> Test it and feel free to submin PR for more languages!!!
> don Paolo Benvenuto
> 2017-07-04 18:36 GMT+02:00 Paolo Benvenuto <paolobenve at>:
>> a new minor version has been released too, some minor syntax errors
>> didn't permit generation o a min.js file, please check master
>> don Paolo Benvenuto
>> 2017-07-03 23:33 GMT+02:00 Paolo Benvenuto <paolobenve at>:
>>> Hi guys!
>>> I released photofloat 2.0 at
>>> ve/photofloat/tree/v2.0
>>> What's new? see the README file!
>>> Many exciting features!
>>> Feel free to submit issues and pull requests!
>>> Roadmap:
>>> - translations via a separate file
>>> - share buttons: the problem is that when you share a dinamically
>>> generated page, fb doesn't execute js, and so, your page is shown on fb
>>> apparently without anything. How could be managed this issue?
>>> don Paolo Benvenuto
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