photofloat fork

Joachim Tingvold joachim at
Tue Jun 6 21:43:22 CEST 2017

On 1 Jun 2017, at 8:29, Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> please check
> feel free to submit pull requests and further enhance it!

Too bad you didn't use the fork that already have a lot of patches in it 
[1] (HTML5 video, threading, preloading of images, updated JS-libraries, 
etc), which also had all the latest commits from the original repo. 
Would take some work to merge that fork with your fork.

Good initiative to put it on GitHub, though. Should've probably done 
that a long time ago, at least since the original developer seems to be 
somewhat inactive (at least on this project), which would've made it 
easier to accept patches.

Could you explain a bit more what's changed compared to the stock 
PhotoFloat? (except naming, and such).

[1] <>


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