Video not imported.

Joachim Tingvold joachim at
Mon Jun 12 20:22:19 CEST 2017

On 12 Jun 2017, at 19:26, Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> Interesting.  In trying to find a small video for you to look at, I 
> noticed that some aren't even being looked at -- if I use "strace", I 
> see them hit by stat(), but that's it.  I went and grepped in the 
> *json files in photofloat/web/cache/ for the smallest one, in case it 
> had already been hit, but no dice.  So I'm including links to both:

Nothing is written to json/cache unless they are thumbnailed/transcoded, 
which doesn’t happen in your case.

> File that doesn't even get hit:
> […]mvi_0458.avi
> Small file that fails:
> […]VID00022.AVI

They are working here (the errors shown are OK -- we transcode using 
different method second try);

jocke at noshut:~/test-pf$ ./scanner/ web/albums web/cache
2017-06-12T20:15:11.447675   [walking]       albums
2017-06-12T20:15:11.447957   |--[walking]       test
2017-06-12T20:15:11.448125   |  |--[metainfo]      mvi_0458.avi
2017-06-12T20:15:12.112207   |  |--[thumbing]      mvi_0458.avi -> 75px, 
2017-06-12T20:15:12.130181   |  |--[thumbing]      mvi_0458.avi -> 
150px, square
2017-06-12T20:15:12.144178   |  |--[transcoding]   mvi_0458.avi -> mp4, 
x264 [error]: baseline profile doesn't support 4:2:2
2017-06-12T20:15:12.167794   |  |--[transcoding failure, trying yuv420p] 
2017-06-12T20:15:12.996700   |  |--[metainfo]      VID00022.AVI
2017-06-12T20:15:13.075146   |  |--[thumbing]      VID00022.AVI -> 75px, 
2017-06-12T20:15:13.105036   |  |--[thumbing]      VID00022.AVI -> 
150px, square
2017-06-12T20:15:13.132567   |  |--[transcoding]   VID00022.AVI -> mp4, 
2017-06-12T20:15:17.056562   |--[caching]       test
2017-06-12T20:15:17.057325   [caching]       albums
2017-06-12T20:15:17.057576   [caching]       all photos path list
2017-06-12T20:15:17.076794   [cleanup]       building stale list
2017-06-12T20:15:17.077120   [cleanup]       searching for stale cache 
2017-06-12T20:15:17.077230   [complete]

This led me to test something else, and surely, I get your result;

jocke at noshut:~/test-pf$ ./scanner/ web/albums web/cache
2017-06-12T20:13:11.170393   [walking]       albums
2017-06-12T20:13:11.170726   |--[walking]       test
2017-06-12T20:13:11.170893   |  |--[metainfo]      mvi_0458.avi
2017-06-12T20:13:11.196430   |  |--[unreadable]    mvi_0458.avi
2017-06-12T20:13:11.205871   |  |--[metainfo]      VID00022.AVI
2017-06-12T20:13:11.206212   |  |--[unreadable]    VID00022.AVI
2017-06-12T20:13:11.206367   |--[empty]         test
2017-06-12T20:13:11.206416   [empty]         albums
2017-06-12T20:13:11.206454   [caching]       all photos path list
2017-06-12T20:13:11.247925   [cleanup]       building stale list
2017-06-12T20:13:11.248008   [cleanup]       searching for stale cache 
2017-06-12T20:13:11.248138   [complete]

… which basically means that you’re using the wrong branch (which 
has been the case “multiple” times before on this list for people 
using “my” fork). I never used the master branch when I initially 
did all of these merges, and as such, my master branch, is Jason’s 
stock branch.

Do a ‘git checkout patches’ after cloning, and you should be golden 


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