successfully merged Joachim's patches branch

Joachim Tingvold joachim at
Tue Jun 13 20:02:37 CEST 2017

On 13 Jun 2017, at 17:57, Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> I successfully merged joachim's work about showing videos

The video part is mostly not my code -- I merely merged it + fixed 
whatever broke, and then did minor optimizations on it. The code was 
originally written by Jerome Charaoui, so the credit for that part 
should be on him. Antoine Beaupré also had a online patch to the video 

The other tweaks were my code.

> Check it at
> Let me know about any problem

Great work! (-:

Tested it quickly, and seems to work. A few comments/opinions on the top 
of my head (with no intent to "pick" on your work);

  * The "image preloading" patch I did seems to have been 
removed/forgotten in the merge (if visiting link to image directly, the 
image is loaded before the album, so you don't have to wait "forever", 
at least if album is big). This change; 

  * When viewing images, they "overflow" on the top (going behind the 
album/path at the top), which is a bit annoying.

  * Not sure if I like the CSS-changes regarding font size (smaller some 
places), font colors (white vs. blue, and green for the image names), 
spacing between thumbnails, and showing image names in the album view 
(the minimalistic "show all thumbnails" w/o anything "extra" was kinda 
neat). I guess it's a personal preference, and easily changeable, but it 
would probably an idea to see what most people prefer, and use that as 
the standard.

  * I like the folder/date switch feature, but I think the folder view 
should be default. If one needs "by date", you could just view an image, 
and then navigate from there (or provide a link to "by date" in the 
bottom of the page or similar). I would probably use the folder/album 
view 90% of the time, and that means one extra mouse click 90% of the 
time I visit the gallery.

  * Folders/albums when in the folder view should just be displayed as 
normal thumbnails (equal to the images). IMHO it only makes sense to 
make folders/albums and images distinguishable when in the dates view 
(where you can have both folders/albums and images in the same page).

  * The "Powered by"-link in the bottom points to a repo that has been 
renamed/moved ("photofloatenhanced.git")

  * Why are you not using the minified .js/.css-files in index.html? And 
why are you using them individually, rather than the one blob 
"scripts.min.js"/"styles.min.css"? You'd want as few HTTP-requests as 
possible, so by using them individually, it's theoretical slower. In 
addition (as a side effect); by not using the minified files, access is 
blocked by the .htaccess-files (if you're using apache), since they only 
allow the ".min.js" and ".min.css" files.

  * Not sure if the "folders view"/"year view"/"month view"/"day view" 
is very consistent? I.e. when are which of them supposed to be 
displayed? They keep changing around without a clear pattern? It also 
seems that the number of links changes between one and two, depending on 
where you are (only one is shown when in "year view", but two for all 
the other modes).

  * Videos are not working when in full screen mode (the "fullscreen" 
link in photofloat). This seems to be the case for "my" version as well, 
so we probably need to fix that at some point.


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