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Fri Dec 9 08:29:27 CET 2016

Anyway to have env variables in the single config file (without wg wgconf blaming), but not in two files per connection? For ex. make wg wgconf redirect variables from . config file to wg-config to deal with.
Using two files will make wireguard configuration even harder to understand, and this means it presume you need to ask someone who will use your vpn to copy two files instead single configuration file (ovpn style)
I addressed this partly there: (just started, without routing)
I can't even imagine machine with 50 connections, thats 100 configuration files (including variables files) and thats will be kind of crazy. And this not the worst example.
I really like idea of single config per connection. And this also will make config easier to import in other software (for example you can import ovpn or config file will openvpn setup in networkmanager).

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