Seeking Fedora Maintainer

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Mon Dec 19 01:21:20 CET 2016

Hey Joe,

Nice to hear you're still out there, and huge congratulations on your
new kid! This is the best possible reply we could receive.

If you do automate the git build, be sure to build just based on newly
released tags, not on every commit. Also, since you last updated, the
tags have lost their `experimental-` prefix, which will slightly
change the URL. As well, for DKIM, there's now the `make dkim-install`
target, so that you don't have to manage which files are necessary
yourself. Check out what the Arch build does -- --
and if you look in the Makefile, you'll find quite a few paths that
you can override with environment variables, to match your liking.

Finally, please don't hesitate to get help in the maintenance burden
from potential others who might be around who could help.


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