Multicast over a wireguard link?

Jörg Thalheim joerg at
Wed Dec 21 18:32:30 CET 2016

I currently use OSPF with one interface per peering with link-local ipv4/ipv6 addresses (AllowedIPs=,::/0, ipv4 => + lifetime 0)

This works fine.

On 2016-12-20 15:53, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
> Does Wireguard has a notion of multicast? I would like to eventually
> replace my current VPN setup with wireguard. I currently run Tinc in
> switch (layer 2) mode, and run the Babel routing protocol on top.
> Babel announces itself via link-local multicast to everyone on the link.
> Does this work with wireguard? I guess the equivalent semantics would be
> "send this packet to all known peers"...
> -Toke
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