[fyi] test in the wild (wg + gretap + batman-adv) on tplink842

jens jens at viisauksena.de
Sat Dec 24 01:24:09 CET 2016

i have done some testing with nodes configured like the one in the wild
with a 842v3
(similar to Tplink-841 but with 8Mb Flash, i have difficulties to build
lede on the 841 - it is posible but extreme tricky, so for now i needed
a PoC of wireguard with gretap to use batman-adv routing protocol)

results are, with nearby all the packages we use in the wild for our 350
Node Meshnetwork.
link only      - 32 Mbit
on top wg0 - 26,7 Mbit
on top gretap and batman-adv (v14) - 14,8 Mbit.

lede - gluon with Wireguard 0.0.161223 kernel 4.4.36

i described it a bit more in detail here (sorry only in german)

so, just to let you know. thx and have some nice days

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