[fyi] test in the wild (wg + gretap + batman-adv) on tplink842

jens jens at viisauksena.de
Sun Dec 25 05:14:47 CET 2016

On 24.12.2016 17:35, Jehan Tremback wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but why would batman-adv affect the
> speed?

not directly,

or i don't understand where your conclusion came from. batman-adv means
a lot of little batman-mesh-protocoll packets (namely ogm packets,
protocoll traffic is around 300 kbits in our network. which also will
travel over gretap/wireguard)

this scenario is equivalent to our free wifi network with 300++ nodes
and +-1000 users.
We use batman-adv as mesh protocol. While wireguard is layer 3 we need
to have layer2 over this tunnel.
so i tested wireguard + gretap + batman-adv   successfully.

compared to a other known layer2 crypted tunnel protocol (fastd) this is
3 times faster, which is mainly due to wireguard is a kernel-module and
fastd lay in userspace. (-> context switche)

i testet on weak devices, because this is what is deployed in big
numbers in our (and many other) Freifunk community.
also there are plenty of packets and stuff - so this explain the
relative low throughput. At least compared with clean linked test-setups.

hope this explain my motivation and the reason why i test this in this
special scenario.


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