[WireGuard] Single client connecting to server multiple times

Tiernan OToole tiernan at tiernanotoole.net
Fri Jul 1 22:54:23 CEST 2016

Reuploaded wireguard.ko and it's at https://transfer.sh/W7xo9/wireguard.ko. 

As for the question, its (or was) ECMP (Equal Cost, Multi Path). When I was using the older (default) Debian 8 Kernel (3.16), there was a "bug" where ECMP actually worked to my advantage (2 routes to 2 different IPs, but traffic was split between them). In V4.6, which I installed to get wireguard working, it's not working as planned... still testing mind you...


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I have the same exact question as Baptiste. Is this with load-balancing, or is it vanilla? Also -- in your email with wireguard.ko, the link said "not found".

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