[WireGuard] Single client connecting to server multiple times

Tiernan OToole tiernan at tiernanotoole.net
Fri Jul 1 23:12:52 CEST 2016

Kind of... 

I cant compile Wireguard with kernel 3.16... it told me I need a 4.x version... but ECMP did work (using openvpn as the backend).

On 4.6, ECMP does not "seem" to work (just done some basic testing, and most traffic is going over one or the other connection, not both) but I was having perf issues with Wireguard, so went back to openvpn (still only 1 connection...)


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So do you mean to say that:

Kernel 3.16.
ECMP: works well
ECMP + wireguard: not tested

Kernel 4.6:
ECMP: does not work
ECMP + wireguard: does not work

Is this the case?

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