[WireGuard] fastd comparison wireguard ?

jens jens at viisauksena.de
Sat Jul 2 01:14:54 CEST 2016

somebody post a hint of your project in Freifunk Forum
(https://forum.freifunk.net/t/wireguard-als-zukuenftige-vpn-loesung/12858 )

There a many Communities that actually run l2tp or fastd for many
nodes2server tunnel. Maybe you know something about Freifunk and its

However, what is my interest here:

do you know fastd ? do you know how fastd compares to wireguard?

on of the downsides of fastd is that it runs in userspace, not
kernelspace - so there is big overhead on network/crypto while switching
between kernel/userspace.

For example, in Freiburg we are using encrypted fastd tunnel to connect
to our gateway servers. Around 300 Nodes. And we are really interested
in more performant ways of encrypted tunnel connections even for small
nodes (TP Link 841 - 4 MB Flash, 32 MB Ram, Openwrt) - there we reach
with salsa2012+umac something between 12 and 20 Mbit (only).

thanks for hints and suggestions,

fuzzle/ Freifunk Freiburg


make the world nicer, please use PGP encryption

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