[WireGuard] openwrt package - kernel >4.1 vs freifunk gluon

jens jens at viisauksena.de
Fri Jul 8 18:39:38 CEST 2016

in Freifunk gluon there is actually the kernel 3.18.29 used,
(Freifunk . in case you dont know is a loosly very bog free wifi
community in germany with something around 35000 TP Link routers which
connect to master servers with different technology (like fastd l2tp ..)

if i want to build the package i got this obvious error ... kernel 4.1
or higher needed.

Now i am wondering if its better to wait for newer freifunk-gluon
packages with latest kernel

(which could be some time) or go hacky steps towards patching the kernel.

in gluon are actually 120+- patches for the actual kernel, many of them
would be obsolete then i think, but it seems like a heck of work todo

any suggestion ?

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