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First of all, sry for my lang, not native speaker.

Totally love u work, already use it in my personal needs instead of openvpn
solution. So i started working on android wireguard client (android VpnApi
based on tun driver) in my free time. Already done robust VpnService (glued
with JNI for using userspace wg impl) implementation + activity with simple

Some thoughts about userspace impl:
1. It must be library, not an app.
2. I think C language is more suitable for library, than rust or go (due to
portability issues).

Library interface could be something like that:
void wg_up(params); // create udp socket, listen for dgrams, etc
void put_data(packet); // send packet through wg (which we received from
void on_new_data(packet); // callback, wg received new packet (we can put
in into tun)
void wg_down();

The pros of lib solution is pretty clear: portability. We can even use it
without tun driver, create build-in apps with lwip, for instance.

What do you think about that?
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