[WireGuard] Seeking Ubuntu PPA Maintainer

Anonymous Anonymous admin at hda.me
Wed Nov 16 15:47:11 CET 2016

>You too both maintain Ubuntu PPAs. 
>Could you decide some way of consolidating your efforts? Egbert heeded to the call for help first, so if it comes down to choosing a repository, choosing his would be most fair. But you can work it out amongst yourselves.
I could join Egbert. We could create group on launchpad, I can give publishing permission to current hda PPA, or join Egbert's. Not a big difference for me.
Egbert pls contact me privately about that, basically I need to know you idea about PPA. Do we need group on launchpad? What PPA you want us to use and etc.
Btw, as for jabber Jason, seems like I need to search for new tor gateway, thats why I disconnected.

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