[WireGuard] Wireguard package, changed naming

Egbert Verhage egbert at eggiecode.org
Fri Nov 18 13:42:46 CET 2016

Hey ?,

First of if you want to change something to the PPA, what is public and 
advertised on the website, make it public. In de mailing list and to me.

I'm fine with the change of ubuntu suffix to wg.
ifupdown packages is included to add wireguard network/interfaces. 
Usefull if you are using a ansible to deploying on multiple machine.

I never used bzr, that is the reason why I use git. To setup the repo 
multiple for distros just use git branches.
The code is in git: https://git.launchpad.net/wireguard, and is uses git 
submodule for the wireguard source. Then you just checkout the lastest 
snapshot and change the changelog and commit,push that.

If you are subscribed to the mailing list of wireguard, then you get an 
email that there is a new snapshot available.


On 2016-11-18 12:31, Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
> I changed wireguard package naming from ubuntu1 to wg1, hope you not 
> against it. Since only ubuntu official repository packages could be 
> with ubuntu naming.
> And we don't need libmnl dependency, only libmnl-dev.
> As for ifupdown, I have no idea what it doing in PPA. Is there some 
> issues with wireguard regarding ifupdown?
> And, I have no access to bzr, but I don't use since its auto-importing 
> from git, when commits sign broken anyway. I figured what you talked 
> about change maintainer, you was talking about launchpad team, not a PPA.
>  I changed both maintainer and driver to teamname itself.
> P.S.: I included your email for snapshot tags in my email bot 
> settings. It just send notification when new version (snapshot in our 
> case) out.

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