[WireGuard] News about MIPS and ARM optimized code?

jens jens at viisauksena.de
Wed Sep 14 10:10:15 CEST 2016

On 09.09.2016 15:52, Baptiste Jonglez wrote:
> Nice work!  I had tried to write chacha20_generic_block in MIPS assembly,
> but I got confused with endianness issues and the code didn't work in the
> end.
> Is your code available somewhere?  I'd be happy to test on a variety of
> MIPS routers.

i build some lede with Rene v Dorst patch - but have no time to actually
test it, if someone has ...
here a the links for 841-v11 we want to test specificly
and here is the link for more devices (only build in patched)

patch openfreiburg.de/freifunk/firmware/lede/chacha20poly1305.c_patch1
841 stuff openfreiburg.de/freifunk/firmware/lede/
more lede buildstuff also there (other images and packages)


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