Query regarding the metric of comparison in Wireguard white paper(Section 8)

Sahil Gupta sg5414 at rit.edu
Sat Aug 5 06:32:58 CEST 2017

In section 8, Throughput and Ping Time is used for comparison of WireGuard
with IPsec etc.

So my questions are:
1. How you test both metrics with IPSec protocol? Do you have
implementation of IPSec with you? Same for OpenVPN?
2. I have install the flent and run ping command between to laptop to see
some sample results.
But can you point out which source files or command utility I should used
to measure the  Bandwidth, Memory,Energy both in communication and packet
processing,throughput and latency.
3.  How can I control the number of packets send per unit time or recieved
per unit time in tool? If not flent then any tool is well come for that
4. If I ping from two machine running wireguard at the same time to third
machine having server configuration. Will it process ping packet in serial
order or parallel order?

Sahil Gupta
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