Having some trouble with an ip rule

Andrew Harrison andy at herdoralden.com
Sat Aug 19 20:37:33 CEST 2017

I've been messing around with WireGuard, and I'm trying to get it to route
all of my traffic.

I was trying to emulate what is shown in this gif
<https://www.wireguard.com/img/wg-quick-tool.gif>, but I've made a mistake.

Instead of showing:

    ip rule add not to *server ip address* table 51820

I am left with:

    [#] ip -4 rule add not fwmark 51820 table 51820

and I'm not sure how to remove this.  Anytime I try to use WireGuard with
the `wg-quick` command, it makes/executes this rule, and it clobbers my

The command I used that got me in this mess is (I think):

    ip rule add not to *server ip address* table 51820

Anytime WireGuard creates the VPN interface (wg0vpn), it creates this rule.

 I can run

    ip rule del table 51820

and it gets rid of it, but next time I initiate the connection, it is
back.  And also, it's not routing my traffic...

Any help would be appreciated.
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