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Sat Dec 2 00:01:19 CET 2017

>> Maybe it is easier for
>> you to have an wiki and bugtracker like gitlab or gitlab, where
>> everybody can get the informations he need, show bugs, get infos about
>> bugs and ask questions to other users.
> That's what the list is supposed to be for, though. Maybe it's just a
> matter of SNR?

Just my two cents on matter based on personal experience:

Issue trackers: I personally suspect as adoption increases the popular expectation will be for a more ticket oriented (i.e. Github like) experience for filing bugs and feature requests. For better or worse people seem to feel there’s a large commitment increase on their part from filing a ticket  and being part of a community mailing list.

Wikis: As for wikis, I always have had mixed feelings about them. For large projects like Gentoo or Arch they’re great, in my opinion, for community knowledge accumulation. But for smaller projects I’ve found having something to the effect of a community maintained `docs/` directory with markdown is just simpler and easier. Plus you can always go back and generate some pretty webpages out of the `docs/` markdown files if you’ve reached the adoption level where people expect documentation to be in webpages.


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