Dealing with list volume

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Fri Dec 8 03:33:05 CET 2017

Hi Joe,

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 5:34 PM, Joe Doss <joe at> wrote:
> We do need a place for users to communicate that isn't going to collide with
> devel chatter. is pretty great for users, easy to
> use and not terrible to self host. I think it would be good to give users a
> non mailing list place to self help on their problems.

That's what IRC is for, I think. #wireguard is where people should go
to chat usually.

> I would be willing to donate the server needed to run one for WireGuard and
> the time/energy to set it up and keep it running.

Thanks for your offer to host something, but I've got more than enough
stable infrastructure for hosting new gadgets, as they occur to us.
I'm also very hesitant toward introducing a new platform, when IRC
should cut it.

> If you want to keep things
> in email, set up a wg-users list and call it a day.

I've recently been vortexing people who need super basic help toward
#wireguard, in order to leave this list for discussion of all sorts,
whether it's discussion of interesting user related things ("how do I
do this new and interesting thing I couldn't find any documentation
about?") or development things or bikeshedding or whatever else.

I wish we had some better documentation for getting people acquainted
with the basics. I don't like having to tell people, "did you read
these 6 webpages and the man pages and piece it together yet
yourself?", since the response is invariably, "ugh."


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