Reading configuration from stdin

Manuel Schölling manuel.schoelling at
Sun Dec 10 13:43:52 CET 2017


I am currently working on a NetworkManager plugin for WireGuard in Rust
The plugin has to pass the configuration to the wg tool and I am
wondering if this could be done using interprocess communication.

Would it make sense (aka be secure) if we make it possible to call 'wg
setconf wg0 -' so the wg tool does not read the configuration from a
file but from stdin? Same for 'wg set wg0 private-key -' and 'wg set
wg0 psk -'?

Btw, this NetworkManager plugin should not only work for the regular
WireGuard but also for my wireguard peer-to-peer tool [3] whose
development is currently stalled by a rust bug [4].

This wireguard peer-to-peer tool allows you to use wireguard in
situations where you do not have a static IP and/or you are behind a

Anyway, what do you think about reading the configuration from stdin?




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