[PATCH 7/7] tun_darwin: adapt to TUNDevice interface change

Mathias Hall-Andersen mathias at hall-andersen.dk
Sun Dec 31 20:17:58 CET 2017

Hi Simon

Thanks for your patches!

I am still fixing the interface up / down semantics (stopping / starting
peer timers and routines not needed when the interface is down).
I hope to fix this and merge your linux code in the next couple of days.
This should bring us very close to a usable linux client.

I will look at your OSX code when I have access to an OSX machine.

On Windows, we preferably want to move away from the OpenVPN driver
horrer show altogether.

Once again, thanks for the patch set.

Best Regards & A happy new year
Mathias Hall-Andersen

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