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Thu Feb 16 19:05:32 CET 2017

i also understand it like you want to use vxlan0 to connect each other,
surprisingly we are playing with this actually also - but run in
difficulties with v6 and vxlan

doing somethings like on each endpoint (both have wg0 , and this is
working fine with v6 wg internal adresses)

|ip link add vxlan0 type vxlan id 42 local <local_wg_v6>dstport 4789
nolearning bridge fdb add to <remote_mac>dst <remote_wg_v6> dev vxlan0
so fyi: (german only)

you may consider gretap tunnel - which already is working,
but i am also interested in workling vxlan setups

On 12.02.2017 22:07, info wrote:
> Hello,
> I would love to use VXLANs for my network to separate stuff, although
> I'm a bit struggling. My topology looks like this:
> '->' indicates a Wireguard tunnel
> '-->' is a physical link
> Actually I'm configuring a VXLAN Interface in AMSTERDAM and VIENNA,
> with the tunnel IPs as remote/local.
> Anyway, somehow I'm facing a strange issue here. VM A and VM B can
> ping each other already, although nothing else works. I cannot do
> curl/wget between the VMs nor iperf, etc.
> Do you know if my topology above should work? VM A can reach VM B
> without VXLAN just fine over the other hops, as well AMSTERDAM and
> VIENNA can reach each other fully.
> No firewall enabled nor anything else. Allowed-IPs is,::/0
> on all tunnels.
> My guess was that this is somewhat MTU related, tried 1200 on the
> VXLAN interfaces - no difference.
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