Instability during large transfers

Samuel Holland samuel at
Fri Feb 17 05:48:56 CET 2017

On 02/16/17 12:38, Samuel Holland wrote:
> I will enable netconsole on the firewall now that I can hopefully
> reproduce the panic, but since the networking setup there is rather
> complicated (vlans on top of bridges) I'm not sure if I will get all
> of the panic messages.

Success! I reproduced the panic and got full logs.

I ran:
$ ssh <server> cat /dev/zero | dd of=/dev/null bs=4096 status=progress
108295966720 bytes (108 GB, 101 GiB) copied, 17437 s, 6.2 MB/s
packet_write_wait: Connection to <server> port 22: Broken pipe

26440386+4 records in
26440386+4 records out
108299829248 bytes (108 GB, 101 GiB) copied, 18413 s, 5.9 MB/s

Attached is the extended netconsole output from the firewall.

Hope this helps,
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