Announcement: Public Wireguard server for testing

Fredrik Strömberg stromberg at
Sat Feb 25 14:28:41 CET 2017

Hi all,

I'm one of the co-founders of Mullvad, as well as a long time lurker
of this list. I guess I haven't engaged in public discussion until now

Mullvad is trying out Wireguard, and in that spirit we've set up a
server for public use. Just follow the instructions at the link below
and email your pubkey to support at

We're doing this so that people might try Wireguard more easily, as
well as for us so that we can learn. We're supporting it on a purely
experimental basis, so no guarantees on uptime or anything. Sometime
soon we'll install a 10 Gbit card to see where things break first.
Enjoy :)

Fredrik Strömberg

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