distro packaging, makefiles, deps, systemd, new tools

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Wed Jan 4 19:50:14 CET 2017

Hey Christian, Daniel, Dan, and other maintainers,

The next snapshot is going to have some improvements to the tooling,
and along with this comes a more complicated Makefile. I wanted to run
the changes by y'all (downstreams).

- The makefile now has a few WITH_{FEATURE}=yes|no environment flags,
as well as auto-detection. Documentation is here:
And the Makefile itself is here:

Question: does this propose a desirable situation for you as a downstream?

- The wg-config script is now called wg-quick and is quite simple and
nice. Documentation:
And source:

OpenWRT should _not_ ship this. NixOS probably should not ship this.
When systemd-networkd gets support for WireGuard, systemd-based
distros should not ship this. But everybody else who just wants a
simple rough script for quickly bringing up and down VPNs can ship
this, as it's a big help to users. It's installed according to the
documentation for the Makefile above.

- There's now an "upstream" systemd unit for wg-quick, called
wg-quick at .service. It's pretty simple:

Question: does this unit seem sane to you? Can you ship it downstream
as is, or will you need modifications?


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