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UDP is used for the connection between 2 wireguard instances .. using of
the tunnel itself is done with the wg0 interface, which is "normal"
Interface (layer3) - of cause you cannot do layer 2 (ethernet based) stuff.
(but i do actually some tests with gretap tunnel on top of wireguard (to
use batman-adv) - which works fine so far)

Wireguard can be compiled and is then loaded as kernel module, so its
easy to unload the module and load another one. But unloading the module
will drop all tunnel for that time, and they have tobe restored
afterwards - which is fine , since the tunnel is mainly stateless

just my simple insight (which may wrong or over simplyfied)


( the freifunk WG with gretap and batman-adv if you interested 

On 14.01.2017 20:11, Wasa Bee wrote:
> Hi
> i've got 2 simple questions about WireGuard, correct me if I'm wrong:
> - it is only over UDP. If so, is there ever going to be a TCP version?
> A lot of applications that could benefit from WG use TCP. It does not
> seem wise to expect programmers to implement a TCP-like layer (eg
> retransmission, ack, etc) in userspace, is it? This would increase
> complexity unnecessarily and would lead to vuln in practice...
> - WG is implemented as a patch to the kernel or a kernel module? The
> reason I ask is that when an update is available for WG, it would be
> good not to have to replace the whole kernel, but only reload a
> patched WG module. Also: if there are ongoing sessions with some
> clients, how would sessions be re-established (afaik, the current
> design is to simply ignore irrelevant messages)?
> Thanks
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