Built-in Roaming is limited due to a design fault adding STUN and TURN support would be good and make wire-guard connections more durable.

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Mon Jan 23 00:29:57 CET 2017


You raise interesting points. Symmetric NAT hole punching requires
lots of notification hooks to implement. Seeing as these types of
hooks and expanded userspace API are already something useful for
other things people have been talking about, I expect to expand the
userspace API. I imagine on top of those expansions, you'll be able to
implement performant STUN punching or TURN relaying. I thought I had
made these points clear much earlier, and asked whether you'd be
willing to implement some code.

In short, if you're interesting in writing code, you'll have what you
want, and you'll have a partner in me writing APIs for the kernel side
of things.

However, if it's going to be more extremely long rambling emails,
which are borderline offensive at times, that's not really going to

It's now gotten to the point where people have been writing to me,
"hey you have a great mailing list and project, and now this guy is
really burdensome to read, what's the deal?" And indeed, a simple
google search reveals a history of odd trolling.

Therefore, I ask you to keep subsequent replies on this thread short
and efficient. If you'd like to write some interesting network code,
let's do it. Otherwise, at the very least I certainly do thank you for
your suggestion. You've made more clear in my mind exactly what the
challenges of symmetric NAT are. I'm quite confident we'll get to the
point where these network concerns can be addressed, and where
wireguard has the right notification mechanisms to enable this to


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