Re[2]: problem wireguard + ospf + unconnected tunnels

ae aeforeve at
Mon Jul 10 19:06:03 CEST 2017

>Hey ae,
>Thanks for your detailed reports, especially the nice Python
>reproducer you sent. And sorry for the delay in getting back to you
>and investigating this. I actually don't receive any of your emails. I
>don't know if it's because has a bad spam score, or because
>the HTML part of your email contains embedded javascript, but there's
>something sufficiently sketchy that precludes them from being
>delivered to my mailbox. Luckily others on the list brought this
>thread to my attention.
>I successfully debugged and fixed the Python reproducer you sent me.
>Could you try the following patch, and see if applying it results in
>ospfd working properly?

yes - work

+ Pair of missing functionality - which I lacked when replacing with wireguard

1) src addr tunnel
2) work in only preshared crypto

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