openwrt reboot with high load using wireguard

Tiago Condeixa tcondeixa at
Fri Jun 23 18:55:56 CEST 2017

Hi Janson,

I have been doing several experiments with wireguard and I am quite happy with the results in different platform, but I have been experiencing some reboots with openwrt.
I’m running openwrt 10.15.1 with kernel 3.18.45 in an embedded system and with heavy load (iperf3) to the wireguard server the board sometimes reboots, did you performed any stress tests using openwrt?
This reboots do not happen to me when I use a direct IP route or openvpn to connect to the server, so seems that it is related with wireguard.

thanks you,
Tiago Condeixa

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