snapshot 0.0.20170628 broken?

Reuben Martin at
Thu Jun 29 17:47:28 CEST 2017

Something is off with this latest snapshot:

- Computer-X sitting in the cloud accepting incomming connections.

- Computer-A sits behind a masquerade NAT or a remote network. Computer-A can 
connect to Computer-X, and then create a TCP session with services on 
Computer-X directly over the wg0 interface.

- Computer-B is behind the same NAT as Computer-A. It can also create a 
connection with Computer-X. It gets a response pinging Computer-X on it’s wg0 
address, but it cannont create a TCP session with services on Computer-X over 
the wg0 interface.

The only thing I have found that might be relevant is that A was the first to 
connect, so the NAT port assigned is the same as the port that wireguard on X 
is listening to. Where-as B gets assigned a random port on the NAT side. That  
may just be coincidental though. Downgrading to 20170613 and TCP sessions work 
from all connections again.


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