Ability to use one udp port for multiple wg interfaces

Damian Kaczkowski damian.kaczkowski at gmail.com
Tue May 2 10:20:46 CEST 2017


I'm trying to run two wg interfaces bound to one udp port. eg. wg0 ang wg1
on 51820/udp . wg shows that both interfaces are created (wg0 and wg1). wg
also shows that all peers on both interfaces are defined. However only
peers defined on one wg interface (either wg0 or wg1) are able to establish
connection. Peers on the other interface are not able to connect.

Is this currently unsupported configuration?

Or is this supported configuration and I am doing something wrong?

If unsupported, do you consider to support it in the future?

It would be useful if one wants to easily manage ACLs via firewall rules
defined by wg interfaces (easy to define zones), but do not want to open
multiple ports for every new zone/peer(s). Currently one have to open one
udp port per wg interface. It is not very friendly to open additional udp
ports in multiple peer scenario where firewall ACLs are desirable. If one
have limited number of free udp ports then it also does not scale well.

I am using wireguard build no 20170115 on lede/mips linux.

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