wg-quick can't down my vpn I/F and DNS problem

Bzzzz lazyvirus at gmx.com
Tue May 2 18:54:55 CEST 2017

On Tue, 2 May 2017 18:31:14 +0200
"Jason A. Donenfeld" <Jason at zx2c4.com> wrote:

Oops, sorry for the PM, I put my answer back in the loop.

> If your wg-quick config file is in /etc/wireguard and ends in ".conf"
> then you can use `wg-quick down vpnserver`. Otherwise, please specify
> the full path when calling wg-quick down.

Hi Jason, very nice work BTW,

this is _exactly_ what I do, on the server and the client, I've:

I created 4 scripts: SERVER||CLIENT_WG_UP||DOWN.sh that use this syntax,
(it either fails when typing it in command line).

So the command issued are:
wg-quick up vpnserver (works perfectly)
wg-quick down vpnserver (fails)
and d° for the client.

My setup is basic (but may be wrong) on both srv & cli, here's the srv

Address         =
ListenPort      = 1194
PresharedKey    = …
PrivateKey      = …
PublicKey       = …
AllowedIPs      =

The VPN is working, I made a try yesterday, passing by my cell phone
to reach my site and was amazed by the speed 'cos I keep my phone in gsm
mode, otherwise it eats my battery alive (so ~20kB max speed on an old
Xperia x10).

This isn't really a problem, as I use 2 lines that do the work
correctly; however, the DNS problem is a real concern.


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