Repo broken?

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon.fernyhough at
Sat May 27 01:33:02 CEST 2017

On 26/05/17 21:54, Egbert Verhage wrote:
> Hey Steve,
> That is because in the beging of the ppa repo we only had support for
> kernel >4.1.
> On snapshot: 0.0.20170409 we got support for 3.16, 3.14, 3.12, 3.10.
> And precise has kernel 3.2 (OLD!) and since April 28, 2017 precise is
> eol.

Just to add, the Trusty kernel (3.13) is patched and doesn't build the
modules with DKMS; if you want to run it under Trusty it's possible with
the Xenial backport kernel (4.4). I run this in production (cough) with
a custom package (in one of my PPAs if anyone's interested) and it works
well for me.

I don't expect Wireguard to support that configuration though. :)

> Best way to run wireguard on ubuntu is run xenial or a higher release.

Yup. :)


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