Multi Link / VPN Bonding

Stephen Major smajor at
Fri Nov 3 01:00:12 CET 2017


I just learned about a method called VPN bonding which can bond together
several internet connections and essentially double or triple your
bandwidth. This is especially important for people who live in remote areas
and are subjected to crappy DSL providers.

It is achieved by load balancing packets across each tunnel and then
re-assembling them at the VPN server before sending the request to the

There are several guides using OpenVPN and other tools like:

I was wondering if this is possible with Wireguard as it seems to me the
performance of Wireguard would be much better suited for this application
especially if I was able to integrate it into home firewalls such as
Opnsense or PFSense

Another plus side that I read about this method is it provides an
additional level of security because even if someone successfully MITM
attacks the VPN tunnel the information would be scrambled and unable to be
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