wg showconf

Markus Woschank markus.woschank at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 22:25:28 CET 2017

>> Having the output of showconf reflect the original configuration in a
>> deterministic way enables configuration/provisioning software to check
>> if the interface is in the desired state and only take action if it's
>> not - that would be very helpful at least to me.
> I'd suggest you set up your provisioning software to ignore the
> endpoints in "wg showconf"'s output if(f) the configuration file
> doesn't specify endpoints at all.
> If the config file does contain an endpoint, it's probably a good idea
> to compare it to the endpoint reported by wg showconf.

While searching for arguments I realised that wireguard will allow a
peer to connect with a different IP from the one set in the
Not sure if this is the best behaviour (I understand that the peer
needs to know the secret key, anyway not sure).


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