WireGuard root-less support for android

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Tue Nov 7 10:57:06 CET 2017

Hi Aurélien,

Thanks for this patchset. I'll review it ASAP.

As an administrative situation, your set of Go changes will likely
need to be merged back up with the official Go repository; putting
your fork in the Android one isn't really tenable.

So please submit your changes to the wireguard-go project to this list too.

I intend to give a pass at this patchset as soon as I'm back from netdevconf.

Mathias, CCd will also review the Go code, and Samuel, CCd will review
the Java code.

Thanks for this contribution!

By the way, please poke me on IRC; it'd be nice to coordinate this
terrific development you're doing; this was a pleasant surprise out of
the blue.


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