Multilink/handover: proposal

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Sat Nov 11 11:39:03 CET 2017

I'm pretty sure WireGuard is the wrong place to import the massive quantity
of research on asynchronous packet scheduling that's gone into creating
MPTCP. Instead, just use MPTCP. It works super well. You can even do it
over several WireGuard interfaces, need be.

On Nov 11, 2017 19:34, "Tatsuyuki Ishi" <ishitatsuyuki at>

I have seen a thread regarding multilink this month, and I'm also
interested in it.

I'm not exactly sure if this is a thing to implement in WireGuard layer
(MPTCP mentioned in previous thread is a good competitor), but I have some
ideas for its design.

Extending the "roaming" design, we can choose to not directly switch to the
new peer but allow it to split the traffic. We start round robin, and in
each time frame, we check how many packets have we received from each path,
and adjust the ratio of sending. This way a disconnect should gracefully

How does this sound? Comments welcome.

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