disabling ipv6 with wg-quick

ds at fastmail.fm ds at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 16 11:04:49 CET 2017


Is there a way to disable ipv6 when using wg-quick?

If I have the following line on my conf file:

Address = xx.xx.x.39/32,xxxx:xxxx:xxx:bb01::327/128

wg-quick will fail with the following error:

 ~ 2   wg-quick up mullvad-se2    
[#] ip link add mullvad-se2 type wireguard
[#] wg setconf mullvad-se2 /dev/fd/63
[#] ip address add  xx.xx.x.39/3 dev mullvad-se2
[#] ip address add xxxx:xxxx:xxx:bb01::327/128 dev mullvad-se2
RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied

I have ip6 disabled in my system.

Removing xxxx:xxxx:xxx:bb01::327/128 works, but wg-quick still sets ups
some ipv6 routes `ip -6 ..` etc.

Is there a way to use ipv4 only with wg-quick?


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