Roaming Mischief

Markus Woschank markus.woschank at
Sat Nov 18 16:11:54 CET 2017

Sorry for the previous message.


> Simple example: a mobile IP phone. Rebooting your telephony server
> causes you to drop the connection to the client until _it_ next issues a
> call. However, if you persist the phone's address, you don't lose
> incoming service.

Thank you for the example.

While a reboot already impacts the service of the telephony system
this might be also tackled via the persistent keepalive, but I see
your point.

But then again the original configuration did not specify any endpoint
and suddenly, after reboot, it does.
I strongly believe the state (current endpoint of roaming peers) needs
to be separated from the configuration.
Take the dhcpd server for example, it does _not_ store leases in the
configuration and rewrites it on every shutdown, it stores the _state_
at a different location.

 Again ;) my proposal: if a peer's endpoint is specified this makes it
a non roaming peer, make it possible to store and restore, and/or set
current roaming peers endpoints, for special situations and don't
change the configuration syntax.


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