roaming and ddns dynamic ip

d tbsky tbskyd at
Wed Nov 22 13:51:56 CET 2017

2017-11-22 19:59 GMT+08:00 Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason at>:
> Hello,
> This is not a bug. DNS resolution is not done by the WireGuard module,
> but rather by the configuration tool. If you want to update an IP,
> you'll need to devise a mechanism for this. One popular one is this
> example script:
> ,
> but many other possibilities exist too.
> Jason

 I don't think it's a bug. as you said, that's by design.although it
means I need other tool to co-maintain the vpn connection.

if wireguard can be configured to disable roaming and always use the
static dns name as endpoint, maybe the problem can be solved
automatically. like openvpn can restart itself and resolve dns name
again when connection is broken.

but anyway I can live with the current situation. just need to figure
it out. thanks a lot for your clarification!


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