Dynamic Adresses

Mytril mytril42 at posteo.de
Wed Nov 29 14:35:57 CET 2017

> Hello Mytril,
> This isn't a bug. DNS is resolved at configuration time. If you'd like
> to continually reresolve the DNS, you can do this with a script in any
> way you wish. WireGuard is a building block, meant to be used with a
> variety of other things like this.
> The contrib/examples directory has one such script that can be used:
> https://git.zx2c4.com/WireGuard/tree/contrib/examples/reresolve-dns
> I'm sure you can come up with one well suited for your uses.
> Regards,
> Jason

Yes i have written a similar script for the german ubuntuusers.de wiki.
And this works fine. But i think (I'm not a professional), it could be
maybe a security issue. Let me try to explain:

If Bob and Alice are two Clients which have an whireguard vpn to each
other. Eve could steal the private key of bob and the public key of
alice and wait till bob has a disconnect and get a new ip. Than eve
could register this ip and have 30 seconds or so access to the private
network of alice.

Is this not possible? I could be a problem for people, which want to
communicate with the network of the company. So if this case works, it
could be a problem.

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