Fixing wg-quick's DNS= directive with a hatchet

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Sun Oct 29 18:07:07 CET 2017

On Oct 29, 2017 1:21 PM, "Geo Kozey" <geokozey at> wrote:

October 28, 2017 7:57:06 PM CEST "Jason A. Donenfeld" <Jason at>

>On Oct 28, 2017 5:03 PM, "Daniel Kahn Gillmor" <dkg at>
>My concern with the resolvconf model (whether implemented by openresolv
>or not) is that each daemon that needs to execute resolvconf needs to be
>1) wg-quick isn't a daemon, though openvpn is.
>2) I can think of at least 5 ways to implement a resolvconf binary without
requiring root, making your argument moot. There's nothing inherent in the
resolvconf model that would require it.
>If you're interested in spending the time implementing this for
openresolv, I can spec those out in detail for you. Alternatively, you can
just wait for the systemd devs to add a resolvconf for controlling
systemd-resolved, if that's the horse you're betting on.

FYI you can already change DNS through resolvconf from non-root daemons
with correct file permissions or ACLs but that's off-topic.

Yep! Pretty straight forward.

Yours sincerely

G. K.
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