Aw: wg-quick (script snippets) for OpenWRT/LEDE

vtol at vtol at
Tue Apr 3 17:25:13 CEST 2018

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it appears that wg-quick is not provided for OpenWRT/LEDE.

The reason is not really clear to me. As far I understand wg-quick depends on BASH whilst the default shell in OpenWRT/LEDE is ASH.
This however can be easily remidied by installing the BASH package from the OpenWRT/LEDE repo.

OpenWRT/LEDE is utilising netifd for network configuration which is lacking th3 versatility of wg-quick with there script snippets

PRE_UP=( )

Is there a way to get those script snippets working in OpenWRT/LEDE as such is required in dynamic/split/kill-switch routing scenarios.

OpenVPN provides a similar script functionality which is however not stripped on the OpenWRT/LEDE repo, respectively it does not require an extra tool package. I find it rather curious that the aforementioned script snippets are not part of wg but rather implemented in wg-quick which then is absent from OpenWRT/LEDE.

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