wg-quick IPv6 same route on different interfaces

Waishon waishon009 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 19:13:05 CEST 2018

Hey there,

I'm setting up an WireGuard tunnel between my VPS and my home network. This
tunnel should be IPv6 only.
I assigned the IPv6 subnet fd00:1:a/64 to my home network and my wireguard
client got the static IP fd00:1:a::1.
On the VPS I assigned the IP fd00::1 to the wg0 interface.

Here're the configs:

> [Interface]
> PrivateKey = XXXX
> Address = fd00:1:a::1/64
> [Peer]
> PublicKey = XXXX
> AllowedIPs = fd00:0:0::/64
> EndPoint = vpn.domain.tld:51820
> PersistentKeepalive = 25


> [Interface]
> PrivateKey = ...
> ListenPort = 51820
> Address = fd00:0:0::1
> [Peer]
> PublicKey = XXXX
> AllowedIPs = fd00:1:a::/64

After running "wg-quick up wg0" I'm able to ping the Server and the Server
is able to ping the client.
However I'd like to reach all my clients in my home network. To do this I
added a static route that forwards all traffic addressed to fd00::/64 to my
wireguard client machine (fd00:1:a::1) and enabled IP-Forwarding on the
client. When I now do a ping6 from my VPS to another client in my network I
only get an unreachable error.

Some further debugging shows that wireguard adds another route for my homes
fd00:1:a::/64 network. Without wireguard I only have the "fd00:1:a::/64 dev
wlan0" route.

*IP -6 route show:*
fd00::/64 dev wg0 metric 1024  pref medium
fd00:1:a::/64 dev wlan0 proto kernel metric 256  expires 6993sec pref medium
fd00:1:a::/64 dev wg0 proto kernel metric 256  pref medium

Because it prioritizes the route where the packet comes from the packet is
routed back to WireGuard which obviously don't know what to do with,
because it's not configured as AllowedIPs.

After manually removing the duplicate route entry everything works as
expected and I'm able to ping all my clients in my network from the VPS.

A friend of my has setup WireGuard to use IPv4 only. IP route doesn't show
anly duplicate routes there.

I were able to reproduce this error on two wireguard client machines.

Do I miss something in the configuration or is this a bug?

Kind regards
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