[Question or Feature Request] Any wg1.conf option to limit peer IP as 1-to-1?

KeXianbin(http://diyism.com) kexianbin at diyism.com
Mon Dec 17 02:42:17 CET 2018

For example, my wg1.conf now:

PrivateKey = uMoD1TRi+tRkEVF/B5VrXQwHMN3xC1eLVXNbLkkkkkk=
Address =
ListenPort = 21404
PostUp = ip route add dev wg1
PostDown = ip route del

PublicKey = Zd5jssxd4zj/4d6ZpOtClyD/8V2eGR7jpHM3jpppppp=
EndPoint =
AllowedIPs =
PersistentKeepalive = 60

If I want to limit the peer to a fixed IP, any wg1.conf
OPTION to config it?

Currently,  the peer can set any IP, for example, and can
send packets to my from


Malcolm Ke

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