[Android app] Can't connect to a chromecast when wireguard is running

Samuel Holland samuel at sholland.org
Sun Dec 30 21:09:49 CET 2018


On 12/30/18 13:10, Christophe-Marie Duquesne wrote:
> Thinking about my former setup with Openvpn, I realized it had a setting 
> "bypass VPN for local networks" (under "routing"). Is there such a thing in 
> the Wireguard app? (In the peer config, there is a checkbox "Exclude private 
> IPs". In doubt, I tried to enable it, but then the wireguard interface 
> stopped working with the message "Error bringing up tunnel: Bad address")
> Generally, the app which I believe would solve my chromecast problem is 
> probably "Google play services" (com.google.android.gms). It is
> unfortunately not part of the list of applications one can exclude from the
> UI. Is there a way to do one of these two things? - Implement a feature
> similar to "bypass VPN for local networks"

That's the idea with the "Exclude private IPs" checkbox. Anything in the
RFC1918 range will not use the tunnel. Could you export a log (there's an option
in the app settings) with it failing, and send it to me (privately if you want)?

> - Make it possible to exclude an application by string input (directly typing
> "com.google.android.gms" in some text area)

You can do that today by exporting the configuration, adding a line to the
[Interface] section, and re-importing:


The UI currently shows all apps that have a launcher icon. Maybe we need to
change that filter? Can you check if there's a "Google Settings" or similar
entry in the list? I believe that's the name of the launcher entry point for
Google Play Services.

> Thanks, Christophe-Marie


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