wireguard + udpspeeder or tinyfecvpn or similar fec

dan dandenson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 17:05:28 CET 2018

Is there any consideration being given to adding fec to wireguard?
udpspeeder and tinyfecvpn are good examples here but they lack
essentially everything that makes wireguard great.

It's not ideal to run udpspeeder first and then wireguard over the top
because you lose wireguards roaming capabilities and more.

It's not ideal to run udpspeeder over a wireguard tunnel because it's
basically just hard to utilize.

it's *wierd* to establish a wireguard tunnel, then a udpspeeder
tunnel, and then another wireguard tunnel on top of that.  too many
layers, chopping down MTU too much to make it happen.

it would be fantastic to have wireguard integrate some fec
capabilities natively.

I know that simplicity is a big part of this, but it's not a very
reasonable option to stack this stuff up in layers as that's
substantially higher complexity.

tinyfecvpn is a layer3 tunnel on top of udp speeder.  you can do
wireguard then tinyfecvpn on top which is somewhat simple *BUT*
tinyfecvpn is kind of a loose utility without a decent suite of tools
to maintain things.

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