Google Summer of Code 2018 - WireGuard Projects

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Thu Feb 15 17:26:45 CET 2018

Hi folks,

WireGuard will be having a Google Summer of Code this summer via the
Linux Foundation, following an extraordinarily successful one last
summer. We'll hopefully be bringing on a few more students this
summer. It's a great opportunity for students to learn some
interesting aspects of engineering and cryptography, and a good
opportunity for the project too.

Information is here:

If you're a student or know a student, please get in touch with
team at We're looking to start working on student
proposals as soon as possible.

Finally, IF YOU ARE NOT A STUDENT, but you would like to help mentor
one this summer, also be in touch. We're interested in mentors of all
kinds, so don't hesitate to shoot us an email about it. It's generally
a very rewarding experience.


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